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Our team of architects and creative directors have developed designs for our wall panel systems that enrich the character of your space. Choose the character of your space.

Martha's Vineyard | Coastal Drift

Inspiration from rustic antiques and old leather furniture.
Characterized by sharp lines of acrylic, rough coral, smooth stone
Driftwood, willow, fossilized stone, coral, soft linen, acrylic, zinc aluminum.

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Hemingway | Out of Africa

Recurring themes reflective of Hemingway’s travels to Italy, Paris, Key West, Africa, Spain, Cuba and Idaho.
Defined by robust construction, attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship.
High quality materials including leather, vinyl, PVC, hardwood flooring, 100% hand-stitched cowhide rugs.

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Aviator | Howard Hughes

A fusion of 1930s Hollywood architecture, Art Deco and forward-thinking technological progress.
Known for its lavish, highly detailed, and bold geometric forms of Cubism.
Ebony, ivory, aluminum, chrome, diamonds, marble, sculpted wood, sculpted bas-reliefs in stucco, bronze fittings.

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Gatsby | Art Deco NYC

1920s design styles defined as Revivalism, Modern, Art Deco.
Lavish room designs featuring geometric and angular shapes.
Shiny fabrics, glass, chrome and mirrors.

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Casablanca | Bogarts

Set in 1940s during World War 2, with design influences from film noir and German Expressionism.
Curved archways, geometric tile patterns, organic floral forms.
Floral accents, linoleum flooring, wooden furniture, chrome & vinyl bar stools.

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Nautilus | Rust

Based on the 1800s novel by Jules Verne where he envisioned submarine technology beyond his time.
Rustic appeal, with exposed rivets, organic embellishments, ornate bronze details, and textured steel walls.
Metal, bronze, gold, weathered wood.

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Urban | Metro | Loft

1Originated from 1980s Manhattan when manufacturing buildings were converted to living spaces for artists.
Industrial look defined by high ceilings, exposed ducts, brick walls and monochromatic palettes.
Concrete, wooden beams, large windows, brick walls, hardwood floors, tin ceilings and thick plaster walls.

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High Tech

Based on the industrial movement, this sleek design style has rippled through many modern trends.
Exposed motifs including brick walls, steel columns without drywall wraps, and unfinished details.
Brick walls, wrought iron, steel, brushed nickel, copper, concrete, filament lighting, timber roof trusses.

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Inspiration from romantic Italian and Spanish architecture with an homage to the seaside lifestyle.
Arch motifs, organic patterns, clean whites, warm browns and pops of turquoise.
Stucco walls, tile or terra cotta roofs, wrought iron balconies, large windows.

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Bauhaus | Craftsman

Moulded by 19th and 20th century Arts and Crafts movement, Bauhaus emphasized simplicity in form.
Simple rectilinear forms combined with practicality. Form follows function.
Tubular steel, wrought iron, glass, concrete.

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Farmhouse | Barnwood

The Farmhouse concept originally dated back to Scandinavia and Germany and has evolved with modern influences from Cape Cod, Salt Box, Colonial, Greek Revival and Southern Plantation design styles.
Classic symmetry on windows and doors, clean white base.
Wooden clapboard siding, dormer windows, white ironstone, galvanized metal.

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