wall panelsWondering how to upgrade the looks of your walls? Well, this is not a difficult question anymore as there is an innovative solution available on the market that helps you dress up your walls perfectly. These innovative and eco-friendly solutions are 3D wall panels. These panels can make your walls pop out and enhance the grace of your interior amazingly. No matter what settings your interior has, you can have the most suitable and desired solution for your home or office. You can dress up your walls in a wide variety of patterns. You can choose the patterns of your choice to decorate your place the unique way.

3D Wall Panels from CSI Wall Panels

CSI Wall Panels is a renowned name in this industry offering innovative and excellent quality turnkey wall panels using modular design. Their range features engineered framing system that is being widely used by commercial, medical, retail and similar markets. The modular, flexible and durable design of wall panels from CSI results in a solid, beautiful and functional makeover of your walls. There is a wide variety of wall panels to choose from depending upon the design patterns, textures as well as the material. All these are capable to transform your interior space effectively.

Types of Panels from CSI Wall Panels

There are various kinds of decorative wall panels offered by CSI each differs from the type of material utilized. Below are some of the most popular kinds of panels that can be utilized for any indoor settings.

Leather Wall Panels

Leather material utilization is not just limited up to certain fashion accessories or similar, but its rich appearance and bold texture have made it suitable for wall paneling as well. Leather wall panels from CSI has the caliber to add extra warmth and dimensions to your space thus making it more exciting and stylish. Leather wall panels are available in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and fashionable designs. These can add exciting energy to any commercial or residential spaces. These are ideal for bed background, living room walls, cinema, hotel decoration, nightclub walls, restaurant, theater, retail stores, office space or beauty salons.

Gypsum Wall Panels

CSI has a highly functional, versatile and unique selection of Gypsum wall panels for your interior walls. If you want your space to make a big visual statement, Gypsum 3D wall paneling is a perfect solution for you. Gypsum is a highly durable and high-quality material and thus brings rich texture and quality looks to your interior space. The wall panels made up of gypsum are well known to bring appeal and interest to your residential or commercial space. These are also known as drywall, plasterboards or wallboards. These are manufactured using gypsum cores to bring clean looks along with effectiveness.

Wood Wall Paneling

Wood is the most preferred material for wall panels that is being utilized for years. Wood wall panels offer a smooth, textured and appealing look to complete indoor settings enhancing the space amazingly. The wood wall panels designed by CSI are manufactured using high-quality wood giving you a solid solution for your walls. With these wood panels, you need not to spend money on any decorative material or artful products, as you can choose from distinctive design and patterns among all wood panels. You can even enhance these panels with high-quality textured prints of your choice. So, for exotic interior looks, get these wood panels installed on your walls.

Stone Wall Panels

Stone wall panels are designed for high-quality material and replicate the looks of real stone thus making your interior walls stunning and sturdy for all kinds of weather conditions. CSI stone wall panels are available in 15 unique designs and are suitable for different commercial as well as residential applications. You can find stone panels in varying textures and finishing styles all designed to make your space a unique and exciting setting. These are extremely easy to install and are lightweight. Some of the panels only require screwdriver based installation work. These wall panels are designed to increase the value of your property with their chic and appealing look and style.

Steel Decorative Wall Panels

Backed up with easy installation and stunning looks, CSI steel wall panels are designed to reflect a lively and approachable side of your indoor space. These are manufactured using stainless steel and can upgrade your space in a budget-friendly manner. Whether you want to lift the existing looks of your walls or want to hide unwanted things like wiring, cracks, etc. On your wall, these are perfect for all your needs. The amazing contemporary design of these wall panels helps to add life to your walls and rejuvenate the looks of your walls interestingly. You can choose from distinct colors, styles, textures, and patterns and make your walls look fascinating.

Plastic 3D Wall Panels

Plastic wall panels are among the most versatile, functional and durable paneling solutions offered by CSI. These are amongst most popular contemporary style panels that give you the real feel of 21 century. If you are finding a way to decorate your commercial or residential settings in sleek and trendy manner, plastic paneling is the perfect choice for you. These offer you an affordable and great option with which you can bring chic style to your settings enhancing your place the best way. These are perfectly ideal for hospitals, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels as well as residential spaces.

In addition to all the above listed 3d wall paneling, there are many more wonderful, cost-effective and efficient wall panel options available such as MDF wall panels, metal wall panels, brick wall paneling and acrylic wall panels. All these panel options come in a wide variety of styles that you can choose as per your preferences.