3D Wall Panels That Transform Your Personal and Commercial SpacesAny commercial space is meant for frequent visits by customers, clients, and visitors. A professional space confined by blank walls delivers a boring look, and it is sure to give cold feet to your business. For jazzing up the business, the space should be impressive so that a nice buzz is created. Same is the case with residential apartments. Living in the society, people invite friends and acquaintances to their homes, and that is why everyone looks for a pleasant home so that the guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Paneling walls provide a unique decor solution. No matter if you want to design the entire wall or add accent to it, the 3D wall panels can add an aura of elegance making your personal and commercial spaces look bright and attractive. 

Why panel walls

Decorating walls of any personal or commercial space with 3D wall panels can bring a new life to space with reasonable cost and little effort. These unique panels are paintable and can be formed into any textured design for making the space appealing. Moreover, these are also available in a wide range of variants to match your decor theme. Using the decorative 3d wall panels, you can make your place full of magnificent illusions with stunning walls and create a new perception of interior decoration. No matter if you use the 3D wall panels for revamping your personal or commercial space, these let you enjoy a special vibe in the space. Available in a plethora of varieties, these are great for adding depth and color to your home or office.

Things to consider while looking for 3D wall panels

3D wall panels are the most modern and trendy options for decorating walls and do not require any additional processing after installation. Other than uplifting the aesthetics of the space, these also perform some practical tasks. While opting to use these, you must consider the followings:

  • Manufacturer: Established brands are always better than the counterfeit products.
  • Eco-friendliness: Panels made from the eco-friendly material are safe for health.
  • Inflammability: This determines the fire safety factor.
  • Weight: Although, weight depends on the size; light but sturdy panels offer a best decorating solution.
  • Surface quality: Should be smooth, shiny and spotless.

Where the 3D wall panels can be used

3D wall panels are great for amplifying the beauty of the residential and commercial spaces. You can use these panels for revamping your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and shower for home uses. No matter if you want to decorate an office, restaurant, hotel, or any other commercial spaces, these can be included in the settings for making the space sophisticated and elegant.

There are many options to choose from

The 3D wall panels are classified based on the core materials used.

  • Bamboo Panels: An environment-friendly cheap option that lets you have a piece of nature in the interior.
  • MDF Panels: This is also a cheap option made by using medium density fiber boards. These can be painted for an enhancing the overall appearance.
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: These enjoy great popularity for both home and commercial uses and deliver a beautiful ambiance with illumination.
  • Wood Panels: These are great for imparting a traditional and elegant look to your personal and commercial spaces.
  • PVC Panels: Made from plastic, these trendy panels are light, but quite strong and can be fixed to the walls easily. These can be veneered or painted for making those more charming.
  • Glass Panels: Manufactured from toughened glass, these costly wall panels are great for a home with kids, and can also be used in commercial settings for paneling and defining spaces.
  • Metal Panels: Made of steel, aluminum, copper, etc., this costly paneling option is used mostly in commercial spaces and can also be used in homes for decorating living rooms.
  • Stone Panel: Mostly made from marbles, these are waterproof and a fire retardant; great for use in the wet areas.

Installation is very easy

The simple installation process is one of the major reasons of great popularity of the 3D wall panels. These come in definite geometric shapes with points of attachment marked or grooved by the manufacturer. You do not need skilled professionals for paneling walls. If you are not comfortable with DIY installation, the local technician can do the job for you.

Cleaning and maintenance is also very easy

Taking care of the 3D wall panels is very easy. Unlike the brick walls, the wall panels do not require repairing and constant care. You can clean these easily with a soft cloth for making those shining.

Cover up all wall flaws

Revamping an old home or office space is more difficult than decorating a new setup. Old walls are always found to have cracks, holes and other blemishes due electrical wearing and pipelines.  Paneling walls hide all such wall flaws besides adding to the decoration of the space.

3D wall panels provide affordable decorating option

The 3D wall panels are great for decorating both personal and commercial spaces. These are reasonably priced and do not require any other maintenance cost and thus offer cost-effective decoration. 

Ensures fire safety

3D wall panels are made fire resistant. These have self-extinguishing properties and prevent the spreading of flame. Thus, the user gets enough time to react. 

Can be made soundproof 

Most of the 3D wall panels are soundproof. Sound proofing property can be further enhanced by adding fiber and plasterboards.

Customization is possible

Different residential and commercial spaces have different decor requirements. As successful paneling depends on complementing the decor theme, you can customize the wall panels to suit your specific needs.

Other uses of 3D wall panels

Aside from covering walls, the decorative 3d wall panels can also be used for creating a focal point in the home or offices and can also be used for decorating the ceilings as well.