custom 3d wall panelsNo one is required to be an architect or engineer to feel that space is lacking something. Whether it is your home or office just a look around is enough to sense that something is not right with the interior. No one likes vacant walls, as those make the space dull and evokes a repulsive feeling. Adorning the walls is the best way to making a place cozy and comfy. This was earlier done by painting or hanging art pieces. However, the latest trend is to use 3D wall panels for embellishing residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. These add and aura of elegance and sophistication and make people happy.

With their impressive designs, the 3D wall panels can transform any place into a bright and glamorous setting. No matter if you cover the entire wall or simply add accents for creating a focal point, these panels can add depth and color to any residential and commercial space. While there are many brands of wall panels, there are reasons to opt for CSI products. 

1. CSI offers high tech panel options

CSI happens to be a leading manufacturer of 3D wall panels. Although talking about wall panels one first think of wood, CSI panels are made from different types of core materials with various designs and finish meeting every wall paneling needs. These panels are made with bespoke precision so that the users do not face any installation hassles. CSI provide customized paneling solution to complement a wide range of decorating themes. Their creative professionals also provide turnkey solution when approached by the buyers.

2. Varieties of wall panel options available

Major varieties of CSI 3D wall panels include:

  • Acrylic Wall Panels: Available in many shades and designs these let you explore your creativity for building a contemporary ambiance. These are very light, yet strong. This cost effective option is suitable for large walls and wet areas as well.
  • Brick Wall Panels: Bricks are around for long, as construction material. Brick wall panels offer a nice protective and decorative option. These are great for exterior paneling and also for creating a focal point in the interior.
  • Glass Wall panels: Such panels are manufactured from toughened glass, making these ideal for home with kids. These are also used for commercial paneling and for defining spaces as well.
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: You can shape these into any form and texture and can also paint for more beautification. These are heavier and strong but can be easily fixed. When completed, these deliver magical ambiance with lighting.
  • Leather Wall Panels: This is a delicate paneling option for adorning residential and commercial interiors. Available in wide range of shades, textures and patterns, these add an aura of elegance and luxury to the interior.
  • MDF Wall panels: Such decorative panels are made using Medium Density Fiber Boards and have gained great popularity in wall paneling. These are available in wide range of colors, designs and are extremely flexible.
  • Metal Wall panels: Manufactured from a wide range of metals like aluminum, copper, steel and zinc, these wall panels ensure long life and total protection of the walls. Being a costly option, these are mostly used in commercial spaces.
  • Stone wall panels: These are ideal when you want to change the decoration by adding small accessories. These are great for paneling of exterior and wet areas and deliver a nice rustic look besides protecting the walls.
  • Wood Wall panels: Wood being one of the coziest decorating elements since long, these panels stand for luxury and elegance in a traditional way. Available in wide range of tones, these uplift the character of the interior.

3. Plethora of collections to adorn walls

CSI offers a wide range of bespoke custom 3D wall panels collections to meet the varying paneling needs:

  • Five Senses Collection: Ideal for continuous paneling of large commercial walls.
  • Virtual Plane Screen Collection: Great for using as room divider panels, and wall coverings.
  • Tactio Collection: These have high sound absorbing capacity and are class ‘A’ fire rated.
  • High Impression collection: Great for paneling ceilings for noise reduction and control light reflectance.
  • Planner Collection: Coming with definite geometric patterns, these deliver a unique paneling experience.
  • Green Idea Collection: Being a combination of MDF and replicated greens, these are great to introduce a piece of nature into a setting.
  • Glacier collection: These luminous paneling options can deliver a spectacular display of lighting.
  • Adventure panel collections: These are ideal when you have a story to tell and are available with different painted adventures.

4. Offer customization to match character of the space

Decoration means playing with your creativity and imagination. If you like to go beyond the limit of the standard 3D wall panels, CSI has options to supply personalized panels to make the space one-of-a-kind.  Such panels will complement your decoration theme and take the place to the next level.

5. Shopping is also easy

CSI offers various shopping options for 3D wall panels. You can shop those based on collection, theme, market, material, room, and type.

Here are some facts about wall panels that you should know. 

Offers long-lasting solution

3D wall panels are quite durable. Once installed, these can remain undamaged and continue to deliver their charm for years together.

Mask wall flaws

Walls of all old residential and commercial spaces are likely to be full of blemishes like holes, cracks etc, repairing of which involve high cost. 3D wall panels hide all such flaws while adorning the walls.

You can bid farewell to maintenance

Maintaining 3D wall panels is also very easy. You can dust these with a soft cloth and clean with soapy water.

No installation hassles

Being light in weight and coming in bespoke modular designs, CSI Wall Panels are very easy to install. Many variants are also available with installation offer.

Wallet-friendly solution

These are reasonably priced. As these do not involve any maintenance cost, these do not make a hole in the pocket.