Wood Plank Wall Panels

A beautiful interior is something that everyone falls for. Whether it is your home or office, a shabby interior can never make people happy.  Spaces coffined by walls full of blemishes make those dull and repulsive. However, people often hesitate to renovate walls because of the cost involved. In such cases decorating the walls is the only alternative. Among the many ways of improving the interior; paneling walls is the most effective method as it delivers an impressive interior. 

The customers and clients frequently visit professional spaces. Only a well-decorated interior can impress them to do business with you and can also make a home look brilliant. 3D wall panels can deliver a pleasant interior and tempt the creative spirit of everyone and build up happy memories for renewing business.

3D wall panels are the most modern decorative element. There are many variants of panels made from different core materials. While all of these panels can add a touch of splendor to the commercial and residential spaces, wooden 3D wall panels can deliver a traditional ambiance adding a wow factor to your setting.

World of wall panels

Wall paneling has been around for many years, and since the earlier days wood has been used for this purpose. Earlier people used to decorate walls with mirrors and art pieces; the modern theme is to panel walls. Although there have been many changes in style and pattern, the idea of wall paneling remained the same. Many improvements have also been affected by design and installation making wall paneling an affordable option.  

Why use wooden 3D wall panels

Although not in the present form, wooden panels date long back in the history of interior decoration. This traditional decorative element is environment-friendly and does not cause any health hazard. In spite of many other options available, the wooden panels have been the most prominent due to its durability and innovative and classy designs. When wooden 3D panels are used in any interior, those deliver a rustic look and infuse a warm vibe in the ambiance.

You can choose from different types

Due to its compatibility with both modern and traditional themes, wooden 3D wall panels have been considered as one of the most popular paneling options for commercial and residential places. These are available in many colors and finishes such as Oak, Rosewood, Teak, Maple, reclaimed, etc for boosting up the interior.

  • Shiplap panels: These informal panels are usually laid horizontally and deliver a cottage inspired interior.
  • Tongue and groove Panels: Delivers a clean and classic look with overlapping joints and can be used for indoors and outdoors.
  • Reclaimed wood Panels: Looking old, these panels add depth and character to space and tell its own story.
  • Board and Batten Panels: These feature real wood panels with board and batten or fake board and batten style created on the wall.
  • Bead-board panels: Another form of Tongue and Groove panel with beaded board planks.
  • Flat panels: These feature lines and baseboard and deliver a luxurious look to the interior.
  • Raised Panels: These belong to the traditional wainscoting style and features beveled edges. Usually applied up to the midway of the wall.

The other paneling options available

Paneling options are usually named based on the core materials used, and there are a plethora of panels other than the wooden 3D wall panels.

  • Acrylic wall panels
  • Bamboo Wall Panels
  • Brick Wall Panels
  • Fabric Wall Panels
  • Glass Wall Panels
  • Gypsum Wall Panels
  • Leather Wall Panels
  • Metal Wall Panels
  • MDF Wall Panels
  • Plastic Wall Panels
  • Stone Wall Panels

Advantages of using wooden panels

Since long, wood and has been synonymous with luxury and elegance. This is also the craziest and warm decorating element for both home and offices.  Each plank includes visible knots and grains for adding definition to space. Available in wide varieties of finishes and styles, these can jazz up the interiors in a jiffy. The major advantage of using wooden 3D wall panels is that these provide a cosmetic solution to residential and commercial interiors in cost-effective ways. No matter if you are opting for a modern or traditional setting, the wooden panels can provide the best paneling option. These are available with the bespoke modular arrangement and are great for creating a focal point or covering the long walls.

Wooden Panels deliver acoustic insulation

When decorating commercial places like auditoriums, meeting rooms, classrooms, libraries, etc, it is essential to make the place soundproof. Wood is a natural reflector and absorber of sound. Covering walls and the ceiling of a room with wooden 3D wall panels help to build a very effective acoustic wall. The wooden panels prevent leakage of sound and due to reflection, it stays in the room.

Conceal wall flaws

Whether you are out for revamping an existing home space or a busy commercial setting, old walls always have ugly features like cracks, holes, exposed wirings, etc which cannot be covered up by painting. The wooden 3D wall panels are great for hiding such wall flaws while making space bright, glamorous and impressive.

Acts a natural insulator

Wood being good thermal and electrical insulator, it provides automatic insulation to the walls while you clad those with wooden 3D wall panels.

Delivers a sturdy cladding 

Wood plank wall tiles are very strong, sturdy and durable. As such, 3D wall panels made of wooden planks do not suffer from damages and dents very easily. Thus, you get long-lasting wall protection. 

Easy installation

Another positive feature of the 3D wall panels made of wooden planks is that these can be installed very easily. You need not pay huge sums; the local carpenters can fix it easily.

Can be maintained easily

Maintenance of wooden 3D wall panels is also effortless. You can dust it with a cloth and can clean using soap.

Does not make holes in the pocket

These are reasonably priced and, therefore wallet friendly.