How to Take Your Interior Decor to the Next Level with Wall PanelsNo matter if it is a commercial or residential indoor, everyone wants to make it unique and impressive. Our interiors not only depict our taste, but it also tells others about us. When it is a home interior, it reflects our way of living, and the office interiors communicate the quality and class of the business which is vital for enhancing the brand image. Decorating walls is not an easy job. It requires a lot of creativity and imagination. In earlier days, this was done by painting and including other decorative elements. With Introduction of the wall panels, new interior decoration vistas are opened for building up a mesmerizing indoor. 

What are wall panels?

Paneling walls have been a new addition to the modern interior decoration regimen, and there are varieties of reasons for using these decorative elements for revamping interiors of all types. The wall panels are flat boards with definite geometric shapes. These are manufactured for varieties of rigid and semi-rigid materials. Other than improving the indoors, these also serve many functional purposes. 

World of wall panels

There are varieties of 3D wall panels that can be used for paneling the walls of your home and office. These are named based on the core material used in their production. You can use anything that complements your decoration theme.

  • Bamboo wall panel: This is a cost-effective green paneling option. These are light in weight and can deliver a nature-inspired environment in the indoor.
  • Brick wall panel: these are quite strong and suitable for wet areas in the indoor and also for highlighting fireplaces and making focal points.
  • Chipboard panel: Made from wooden chips, this is a cheap wall panel and is available as normal, medium and high-density panels.
  • Fabric panel: This is very soft and delicate. They are also extremely costly. These are mostly used in the interiors of luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.
  • Glass Panel: This is costly, but very strong and sturdy paneling option. They come in various colors and designs. As these panels are manufactured from toughened glass, these are great for homes with kids, showers and other wet areas; mostly used in offices for defining spaces.
  • Gypsum wall panel: This is manufactured from high-quality Gypsum and can be made into any shape. These are also very popular for paneling home and offices, except the places with possible of moisture ingression. These can also be painted, or vinyl coated and creates a magical ambiance with illumination.
  • Leather panel: A very costly option. However, it can turn any interior into regal elegance. Made from leather, this is soft and delicate to maintain; suitable for boardrooms, conference halls, and luxury hotel interiors.
  • MDF panel: These are made using medium density fiber boards. You can paint this for enhancing the look. This cheap option is suitable for both residential and commercial indoors.
  • Metal Panel: Made from Aluminum, copper, steel, etc, this is a costly option and mostly used in commercial indoors and brings in a mesmerizing ambiance, when the metallic luster is combined with right illumination.
  • PVC wall panel: These light, cost-effective panels are made from PVC are ideal for damp walls and wet areas. These can be easily fixed. You can paint and varnish for improving the charm.
  • Stonewall panel: This is fully waterproof and can be used in wet areas and also for creating nice focal points in the interiors.
  • Wood Panel: This traditional decorative element delivers stylish and sophisticated interior environment and also prove good acoustic insulation.

Choosing the character

Regardless of home or business interiors, wall panels must complement the space. There are many styles and designs available in wall panel collection. Depending on your needs you can pick the panels based on material, room, theme, types, and collection. Once this is done, you can add a wow factor to the interiors.

Can be used for a special look

Aside from using the standard panels from their collection you can also take help of CSI architects and designers. They can suitably design a wall panel by AutoCAD for meeting your special requirement. This lets you have a standalone interior.

Wall panels are strong and durable

The 3D wall panels have a long life. Once installed, they stay on the walls for many years giving protection to the walls while making it glorious. 

You should measure the place first

Before you start procuring your wall panels for reinventing the interior decoration, you should have exact measurements of the place for avoiding unnecessary wastage. 

Create reasonably soundproof interior

The architectural resin wall panels are reasonably soundproof. Special panels made from sound insulating materials can be used for making a room totally soundproof.

Other Uses

Other than paneling walls, these can be used for improving the ceilings of homes and offices. 

Added benefits you can enjoy

Using wall panels for uplifting the residential and commercial indoors you can enjoy added advantages besides aesthetics.

  • Enjoy faux arts: With seamless matching of the designs and patterns you can create very good faux art improving the aesthetics.
  • Hide wall flaws:  The interior walls of all urban homes and offices are likely to have cracks, holes, and blemishes for electricity and other utilities. By paneling walls, all these can be concealed.
  • Allow easy installation: Coming in the form of tiles, these can be installed easily within a reasonable time.
  • Easy maintenance: The wall panels are very easy to clean. Given their long-lasting nature, they do not have any maintenance demand.

Why use wall panels

Adding a lease life to the interior walls, 3D wall panels are great for all types of interior decorations. The most interesting feature of these decorative elements is that those can be designed into any pattern and can also be painted.  Other than revamping the entire interior those can also be used for creating focal points. Regardless of the nature of the indoor, these add a new dimension taking the decoration aplomb to the next level.